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Working Out When You’re Lazy

Working Out When You’re Lazy

I am lazy, it’s just who I am. I am a master of convincing myself why I should not work out, because I’m tired and I need my rest right now, because I didn’t eat healthy today and my body doesn’t have the energy, I already put my makeup on, the list goes on.

If you’re with me on that, here are few tips I find make it easier to convince myself to just get off my lazy ass and do it.

1.  Put on workout clothes as soon as possible

As soon as I get home from work, or on my days off as soon as I wake up I change into workout clothes. For some reason I find it to be a huge chore to change my clothes just for a work out so I find if I spend my day in them I can fit my work out in at any point, and there is one less step to add to my list of excuses.

2.  Start easy and small

If you find one reason you don’t want to work out is dreading a long, hard workout and avoiding it at all costs before it even begins, plan just a small easy workout that does not sound too intimidating and hard.  Jumping jacks for 5 minutes, 10 push ups that can all be done in sets of 1- hey it’s better than nothing! A lot of the time this will be easier to begin and once the endorphins kick in you may feel more motivated and keep working out longer than you initially planned.

3.  Work out at home

This doesn’t work for everyone; some people find they need the gym to be motivated to work out. Personally, I did not find having a gym membership kept me motivated, because getting in my car and driving there was one more excuse not to.  So I cancelled my gym membership and used some of the money that I would be spending on the membership to buy equipment for home. For me 1 year of membership even with a discount was about $500.  With less than half of that money I bought changeable dumbbells, a jump rope for cardio, circular resistance bands, foam roller, and a massage ball. With these things I feel I can work out and stretch just as thoroughly as I could at the gym, and it’s saving me time and money!

Leave a comment below letting us know if any of these helped you and what tips you find make working out easier!

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