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5 Daily Steps to Find Motivation

5 Daily Steps to Find Motivation

You’re wasting too much time scrolling through your phone or your TV is giving you that “Due to inactivity TV will turn off in 30..29..28 seconds” message because you’ve been binging Netflix for a few hours?  You’re frustrated because you can’t seem to find motivation to actually get up and do anything productive?

There are bound to be days where you just want to sit on the couch and do nothing.  It doesn’t necessarily feel good, but you just can’t seem to find the energy to get up.

Sometimes we need those days!  Be kind to yourself and know when you really do need some down time and let yourself relax, guilt-free!

However if you have to get stuff done and want to find motivation, here are the steps I take each day to stay motivated.

1.  Get ready for the day

Get up, shower/ wash face, brush teeth, and get dressed.

Once that’s done there’s one less thing to stand in the way of running errands, working out, etc.  You will just feel ready to get stuff done!

2.  Create a morning routine


Once you are ready for the day, eat breakfast; sit down with a tea/ coffee, this is your relax time, once your coffee or tea is done, time to get down to business

3.  Plan


What needs to be done? Make a to do list, a grocery list, plan supper, plan a workout, etc.

4.  Do it!

Just get up and do something, start somewhere, starting with the easiest tasks usually gets me going until I’m motivated to continue with the bigger tasks.

5.  Pinterest

If you really can’t seem to physically do it yet. Search Pinterest for cleaning ideas, recipes, organization, home decor these always motivate me and before I even consciously decide I’m going to get up and do something, I’m already doing it!


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