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From Overwhelmed to Calm: 7 Steps to Conquer Feeling Overwhelmed

From Overwhelmed to Calm: 7 Steps to Conquer Feeling Overwhelmed

We’ve all been overwhelmed and probably way too often.

Do you feel like there’s so much that could be done, you don’t know where to start and can’t seem to get anything done?

I certainly have many of those days.  Here are some tips that I find help me conquer that feeling and feel calm instead of overwhelmed.

1.  Look around at what you have and are grateful for

Make a list & focus on these things;

Your house
Your husband
Your dog
Your kids
Family and friends
Your job, etc.

We all have good in our lives, we just have to become aware & focus on that instead of focusing on the negative.  We often take many things for granted because they become so familiar.  We tend to forget what it would be like without them.  A practice that helps me appreciate all the things in my life is imagining my life without them- I most likely would be hoping to have exactly what I have in life.

2.  Make a list of tasks that need to be done.

Usually once you make a list there isn’t as much to be done as it felt like.  This will get all your thoughts out on paper allowing your brain to relax.  Include small tasks, it feels motivating to check tasks off a list; shower, make supper, walk dog can all be on the list.

Prioritize, focus on the most important thing to get done, once that’s done check your list and move on to the next. Or if you just can’t seem to be motivated to do that task, start with the task that seems the easiest to you, sometimes this will lead to more motivation once you’ve completed the simpler task.

3.  Clean

That list will likely include cleaning. Cleaning your physical space can make your mental space feel clearer. Start with something easy like emptying or loading the dishwasher and cleaning the counters.  Once you see the results it will create more motivation to continue cleaning your physical space.

4.  Drop everything and go for a walk or just hang out outside

Fresh air is calming and refreshing.  Fresh air has also been shown to improve our immune system!  When you walk try to find the beauty in the small things that we typically take for granted.  I leave near the mountains, so on a clear day I can see the mountains on a walk.  Many times I don’t even notice the mountains because I see them regularly.  However, I try to make a point to notice & appreciate the mountains, and every time I do I feel relaxed and uplifted.  

5.  Take a Shower or a Bath

overwhelmed to calm

After I shower I feel refreshed and it’s like a restart for me.

6.  Self-care!

Meditate(check out the head space app), stretch, drink tea, read, or watch a movie! Anything that is taking care of yourself.

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7.  Focus on what you did accomplish

I tend to get discouraged by what I did not accomplish instead of happy about what I did finish.  So make sure you focus on the things that you did get done, instead of what you did not.  There’s a tomorrow for that!

Hopefully these steps can help you accomplish tasks without feeling overwhelmed, leading to a feeling of calmness.

Leave me a comment letting me know if this helped and if there’s anything else that you find helps you in this situation!

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