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Simple Self-care Ideas: Making Time To Care For Yourself

Simple Self-care Ideas: Making Time To Care For Yourself

Are you looking for simple self-care ideas that will make you happier and more relaxed?

What is self-care?  Self-care is taking care of your body, mind, and emotions.

What do you enjoy doing? What makes you feel happy and relaxed?

We spend so much time thinking of and taking care of others, but we have to remember that we need taking care of as well. It is important for us to take the time to care for ourselves, and show ourselves love so that we can avoid burnout and tackle any tasks we have to our full potential.

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Here are some simple self-care ideas:

1.  Meditate- Related post: Meditation: How to Calm Your Mind   and check out the free headspace app which helps beginners with meditation

2.  Read a book-self-help or fiction- Related post: Favorite Self-help Books

3.  Go to bed early

4.  Drink a cup of tea

5.  Cuddle or walk your dog

6.  Nap

7.  Take a bath or shower

8.  Turn off your phone

9.  Put on a face mask

10.  Exercise- Related post: Finding Motivation to Workout

11.  Stretch

12.  Knit

13.  Craft

14.  Do word puzzles

15.  Color or draw

16.  Journal

17.  Play an instrument

18.  Put on music and dance or sing- or both

19.  Play cards

20.  Bake

21.  Eat a treat-healthy or not

22.  Hang out with a friend

23.  Watch your favourite TV show or movie

Join my 10-Day Self-Care Challenge here!

You may not enjoy all of these- don’t do it thinking it’s self-care if you do not enjoy it.

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Leave us a comment telling me your favourite self-care activity!

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