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How to Create a Calm Environment Ideal for Self-care, Sleeping, and Relaxation

How to Create a Calm Environment Ideal for Self-care, Sleeping, and Relaxation

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Although I mostly focus on having a healthy mind no matter what is going on externally. Creating a calm environment will facilitate self-care, meditation, relaxation, and sleep.

This set up is ideal for meditation or just for unwinding and creating a relaxing environment.

Here is what I have set up in my bedroom to help me relax at the end of each day.


Himalayan Salt Lamp

Here is my favourite Himalayan Salt Lamp

There are many health claims behind these salt lamps including:

-They produce negative ions, which can help get a better night sleep
-They clean the air particles helping people with asthma and allergies


If nothing else the light it gives off is just gorgeous and truly gives a calm environment.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Here is my favourite Essential Oil Diffuser
There are many health benefits associated with essential oil diffusers such as:

-Reduces stress
-Helps induce sleep
-Improves immune system


If nothing else it smells fabulous!

And of course if you have an essential oil diffuser you will need…

Essential Oils

Here are some great Essential Oils to start with.

There is almost unlimited health and wellness claims related to essential oils including soothing aches and pains, soothing a cold, calm your mind, and helping induce sleep.

I also have a cute little alarm clock as well as a couple journals, for the obvious reason of journalling before bed.  But also if I think of anything I don’t want to forget I can jot it down and not worry about forgetting it.

So there you have it my favourite self-care items that help me relax every night.

Let me know if you try either of these or if you have any other suggestions I should try out!

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