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How to Achieve Inner Peace: Letting go of External Thoughts and Actions

How to Achieve Inner Peace: Letting go of External Thoughts and Actions

What if you could feel inner peace with your life and not concern yourself with opinions from others?

Imagine living your life for you, doing what is best for you & your family.

Do you find yourself worrying about what other people think? What they think you should or shouldn’t be doing, how you should be acting, or even just what they think of you as a person?


Do you find yourself frustrated over other people’s actions? You allow other people’s choices to work their way into your mind and allow them to bother you?

I’m sure we’ve all been there, I certainly have. I’m going to help you get to a place where you do what is right for you, stop worrying about what other people think & react to actions and choices of others so that you can be at peace.


1.  Become comfortable and confident in yourself to find inner peace

inner peace

 This is a two way street. In order to let go of what other people think you must become comfortable in yourself, and in order to be comfortable in yourself you must let go of what other people think.

These go hand in hand.

You cannot control how other people act but you can control how you react. If you let the opinions and action of others affect your mood, you will never truly find peace. There are always going to be people that are rude and inconsiderate. You just have to fight that with kindness, know you are in a better place mentally and hope one day they find happiness.

We are all doing our best, making choices we think are most beneficial. Other people may see things differently and have different situations and would make different choices based on those factors. But your choices are best for you in the given situation.

There is always going to be people who do not support you, will say negative things, no matter who you are or what you do there will be people waiting to put you down. However, we cannot let this get to us because we know ourselves better than they do. Nobody can make you feel angry unless you allow yourself to feel that way.

Be kind & appreciate yourself.

This way no matter what others think, you notice and appreciate the good that you do.  This will bring you inner peace

I am so tough on myself, I always pick apart anything I do.  If I cook, it’s too salty, or the veggies are overcooked, or if I clean, it was only half-ass. I think I do this so that if anybody thinks negatively about me I beat them to the punch. If I say it first they wont bother bringing it up. When in reality I am likely the only one thinking these negative thoughts about the work I’ve done.

Know that you are doing the best you can and give yourself credit for that. Thank yourself for what you do for yourself. Congratulate yourself for things you’ve accomplished.

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 2.  Stop comparison to others

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You cannot compare your life and your successes to anyone else’s. We all have our own different trials, strengths, and weaknesses. A lot of the time we are not aware of other’s weaknesses. We see their strengths and their highest moments, but this is not a full depiction of life and we have to realize this.

One way to stop comparison is to limit or eliminate social media.

Cut out social media if you think it will be most beneficial but if you do continue to use it, remember what you see is not the whole picture.

The only fair comparison is you from one point in time to another. Reflecting back on where you were 5 or 10 years, even 1 year ago compared to now can help you remember how far you have come and help you appreciate what you have done to get where you are today.

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3.  Surround yourself with people who are supportive

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 We all have people in our lives that make us feel comfortable, confident in ourselves and feel refreshed when we spend time with them. This is our best friends, our significant other or our family. Focus on spending more time with these people instead of surrounding yourself with people who may not be supportive.

Maybe these negative people do not mean to be unsupportive but they are just not good for you.

Then there are other people who are out right mean and demeaning. Eliminate these people from your life; life is too short to spend time with people who do not appreciate you and make you a better person.

 4.  Understand what you can control and what you cannot.

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Let go of what you cannot control & focus on what you can. What you can control is your own thoughts and actions. Other people’s choices can affect you, however you have to take the situation for what it is and go forward from there.

You can only find inner peace from within yourself. You will never find it though other people or through physical possessions. If you continue to search for peace from external sources you will always be reaching for something unattainable.

Ground yourself by surrounding yourself with friends and family that support you instead of people that are just trying to tear you down.

You need to know yourself, be comfortable in who you are, and remember to trust yourself. Quit comparing yourself to others. Be able to differentiate between what you can change and what you cannot. Let go of what cannot be changed and focus on what you can do to change your situation.

Be confident and sure of yourself and you will feel inner peace.



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