Your guide to a healthy body & mind


Hey everyone, I’m Sarah.  If you’re anything like me you’re always looking for ways to make things more simple, to do the things that need to be done without creating more work for yourself.  You see the importance of taking care of yourself, body and mind, however you don’t always feel like it is simple or attainable.

That’s where I come in.  I’m going to share with you techniques I have used to simplify these important parts of life so that you are better able to feel balanced & calm.

I have not always been in such a healthy mental state.  In the past I have definitely had moments of anxiety and hopelessness, but I have worked towards being in a mental place that is calm.  I am now able to accept what is thrown my way and tackle it feeling strong and capable & I want to help you get there as well!

From creating a healthy mind set, eating healthy, working out, and more, this blog will share posts that aim to simplify and create a mental state where you can accept and appreciate all aspects of life.

Check out some blog posts & let me know in the comments what you think, so I can get to know you better!